Weekly Photo Challenge – Patterns (What Does It Mean to Be a Pattern?)

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Flowers, Maple Bluff, Nature, Photography, Photos Taken Within 100 Meters of Home, Wisconsin
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Flowers at Ricks - Cool Pro-Mist 10

I find patterns can make very compelling images. Patterns are a good way to show distance and pull the viewer into a picture (e.g., the shortening stripes on a highway or the narrowing ties on the railroad tracks). They often add tension to a photo. Conversely, the rhythmic patterns seen in the distribution of flowers in a flowerbed (as shown here), in the rippling of grass on the prairie or the movement of waves towards a shore are patterns of another type altogether and have a very different effect from the first type of pattern; it is an effect that is often very soothing.

While patterns by their nature require a type of repetition, one can look at many things that are the children of a pattern and see no sign of repetition. For example the dress made from a pattern, the car bumper formed from a mold that used a pattern or the bed post cut based on a pattern fed into a machine need not themselves contain any patterns.

In a real sense, I suspect it is patterns (which are a synonym of habits) that are the threads that bind together those parts of our days during which we need to accomplish our routine tasks while giving consideration to other matters as well (I am not saying this is a good thing). For example, I expect that there is a pattern that is deeply embedded in our memory that allows us to get up in the morning, get our coffee, get into the car, drive thirty miles to work and usually get there safely. Yet when we get there, we have few memories of trip we just made.

  1. brucethomasw says:

    Great commentary about the meaning of patterns in life, in nature, in photography and in general.
    And a beautiful photo – no stunning photo – that illustrates this! well done.


    • beluga53 says:

      Thanks. I enjoy doing this and it is nice to know that it is appreciated (although that is quite the compliment you tossed out there; it is going to take me a while to find the person it really belongs to.:)


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