Partially Dressed (only a metaphor)

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Commentary, Digitally Manipulated Images, Madison, Photography, Random Thoughts
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Partially Dressed (only a metaphor)

I happened to be down at the University of Wisconsin campus for a meeting recently. Of course the UW is surrounded by loads of student housing and as I headed towards my meeting I noticed what looked like a really cheery house (it might be a sorority house, not sure). It was brightly painted and with strong primary colors (at least with the RYB model). After I finished my meeting, I walked around the area and took photos of a variety of things, among which was this cheery dwelling.

I call this dwelling partially dressed because while it initially looked really cute and kind of fun and all dressed up with this nice paint job, if you look a bit more closely at the house, which is what the photo does, it is clear that whoever “dressed” it up (the painter or handyperson or whoever) didn’t finish the job. The paint under the eaves is a mess as is the paint along the downspout. By far the worst problem is the window in the middle of the photo where part of the wood isn’t painted at all.

I think there is actually a pretty good explanation for why this house, which at first looked so decked out turned out to be only partially so, but I don’t want to bore everyone. If there is some interest, I’ll post a text explanation but for now I’ll spare you.

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