If only I were the Beatles, but no such luck. I would like a little advice. I have two photos from Cannon Beach in Oregon. They are very similar. My question to any of you who are willing to comment is, which one do you like better? You don’t have to tell me why (though if you do, I would appreciate it and if I had any gold stars to hand out, I would gladly do so). All you have to do is say I like the first one or the second one. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  1. brucethomasw says:

    Tough call . . . at first I liked the right, then I liked the left best – in the end, I too, go with the right, becuase I think it follow the ‘rule of thirds” better.


  2. nwcoasttv says:

    I also like the one on the right. The rock gives some perspective, depth of field.


  3. I prefer the one on the right. They are quite similar, but I appreciate that you can see the rock jutting out of the sea closer to the shore, with the big rock formations out further, showing how treacherous this coastline might be, and the power of the water to wear down the rocks with their action. That small rock closer to shore may have, at one time, been as big as those out further!


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