Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above III

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Humor, Miscellaneous, Photography
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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above III

The photo upon which this is based is, of course, is a fine picture (I say modestly:>) of a bee sitting plop in the middle of a Rudbeckia flower as I photographed it looking down at it. For good or ill, this was too tempting for me to leave alone. Using Photoshop and Filter Forge, I created what I call “A Pill With a Buzz.” I imagine some of you won’t understand this title and you should just be happy that you don’t because it might be seen as a sign of a misspent youth. For anyone else who is looking at this photo, I hope you get a chuckle. P.S. Please do NOT take two of these and plan to see me in the morning.

  1. Very creative! And yes, i chuckled 😉 Good one, Rob!


  2. Brilliant concept. An image of extraordinary beauty. Thank you for sharing. Peace and blessings, Michele


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