Lake Mendota and a Confused Tree

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Miscellaneous
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Lake Mendota and a Confused Tree

I promise I will get to the tree.
It is May 1st here in Madison and (at least during the times when I have been in the state in the past 6 or so months) it seems to me that there have been only two really nice days since last fall. No matter what the reason is, until this miserable winter and its sloppy cousin spring grabbed ahold of us and just would not let go, we (meaning for sure me and, I think most people around here) had become accustomed to “unseasonable” and well-timed warmth this time of year. It wasn’t that we didn’t have some cold and snow and rain during the fall and winter and spring, it was just that it that it was nicely leavened. Instead of the long, cold deeply snowy winters of my childhood, we now had winters during which intermittent nice weather was the norm. It was getting so good that some people were starting to worry that it would no longer be miserable enough to keep people from discovering what those of us living here already knew – that Wisconsin is a gem. But I digress.
How does this relate to the tree? Well with the weather, a tree that in the past few years most likely would have budded out at least 2-3 weeks ago is now a rather just starting to show its stuff. The tree seems to be looking a little cranky as a result (as are the docks in the photo). With luck, summer will get us back on track, but we shall see.


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