Cannon Beach

I saw some photos of the coast of Oregon many, many years ago and for some reason “Oregon Coast” just stuck in my head. I happened to have the opportunity to visit Oregon for a few days and finally got to see the coast, but only for a few hours so my question was where do I go to take some pictures? From checking things out, the answer seemed to be almost anywhere you have a few days to look around. Lacking that I took the easy way out and went to the Cannon Beach area. It was supposed to be cloudy, which I guess is typical – instead it was brilliantly sunny. I am plowing through the photos and haven’t decided yet how I did. I was trying for shots that were different and when I do that I am not smart enough to avoid making tons of mistakes. Here is one of my first shots. Comments are appreciated.

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Well balanced shot. Our coastlines are not all that different.


    • beluga53 says:

      Thanks. My wife and I visited New Zealand 14 years ago. We were there for two weeks and spent virtually all of our time on the south island. It was very beautiful. I know there has been a significant amount of change since we visited. What surprised us and hit us hard has been the series of terrible earthquakes in Christchurch. The people hurt and injured must have been a significant blow (although I think you are much better than us at avoiding the histrionics). We very lucky to have seen Christchurch in its heyday and I’m sure it will bounce back, but it had to be tough for the country. Sorry I am just blathering along on an unrelated point:>)


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