14 Days of Photos With Circles - Day 9

Speaking of things round, I actually once played an entire round of golf without once having my golf ball in the fairway. It was at that point that I invented the “Game of Not-Golfing.” The Game of Not-Golfing changed my life. Suddenly, I never missed a shot, whether from the tee, the fairway or the rough. Even better, I had perfected my putting – again by never missing a putt. Best of all, I had reduced the cost of golfing to essentially zero (occasionally I would by drinks for the golfers who I walked with while I not-golfed because after they had finished golfing they often appeared so tense.). This photo shows me (not pictured) playing my usual uncannily effective Game of Not-Golfing while walking along with my Dad (pictured) who is playing a round of traditional golf. For all of you aspiring athletes, who may, shall we say, be coordinationally-impaired, consider taking up the Game of Not-Golfing as a way to improve both your disposition as well as your financial situation.


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