14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 7

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Commentary, Humor, Miscellaneous, Photography, Random Thoughts
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We were recently flying out to the west coast for a vacation with some relatives. Unfortunately, the plane that was supposed to leave at 6 AM (and that we were up before 4 AM to get to the airport to catch) was delayed until 8 AM causing us to miss our connection. Aside from giving me ample opportunity to practice my patience, it also gave me a good opportunity to taste some pretty good airport coffee and the opportunity to photograph this coffee cup after pouring part of its contents onto my coat. While not the most brilliant photo in the world (or maybe not even a very good one), it’s simple ordinariness and its representation of the experience of far too many travelers makes it an excellent subject for Day 7 of the 14 Days With Photos of Circles.


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