14 Days of Photos With Circles – Day 1

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Photography
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14 Days of Photos With Circles

On a whim, I have decided to do my best to give you 14 days of photos that include circles. You might ask why, which is a reasonable enough question. My answer is of course: why not? Perhaps someday I’ll graduate to the solicitation of photos of others and the use of something (not a dictionary, I think that is almost a trademark) to get contributions rather than my quite tired neurons, but today is not that day.

I am not soliciting any photos but if you want to chip in a nice circle photo — even a crop circle although that would be quite a surprise — put it on your site and let me know about it by emailing the info to me. I will not be actively looking for anyone’s photos so you have to tell me about yours if you want to share it here.  I will Reblog anything that is in good taste (in my opinion, somebody has to be “The Decider”:>). I will mainly be looking to see whether there is enough of a circle in the photo (a complete circle is not required). By the way, if someone wiser than me has any suggestions about this idea feel free to let me know.


Please share your comments.

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