A Word A Week Challenge – Old II

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Commentary, Dragonflies, Humor, Miscellaneous, Photography, Random Thoughts, Science
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A Word A Week Challenge – Old II

Of course one of the questions that comes to mind when the word “old” is just tossed out of the dictionary to stand or fall as the case may be “on its own” (okay with a very nice supporting cast of photos, which at this moment is not helping my narrative much so I am setting them aside) is old as compared to what. For example, a mayfly – a favorite of many a trout fisherman – has a lifespan of anywhere between 30 minutes and 24 hours. Dragonflies, a favorite photo subject of mine have quite a party if they make it until their 4th month (okay, I’m not actually sure about that). On the other side of the longevity line there are tortoises alive today who were enjoying the beginning of their second half century of life when Charles Darwin was born. Bowhead whales can live for 200+ years. It is even arguable that mitochondria and a variety of other things (there is no need to go into detail) live more or less forever, which puts even the Egyptians and Incas pretty much to shame. My father-in-law, pictured here, who is still sharp as a tack, just enjoyed his 90th birthday and you could think of him as old although I can’t say I do. At least not until I have a useful reference. Here the touchstone is his youngest great-granddaughter. So is he old enough for the Word a Week Photo Challenge? It is hard to say. It is, like so many things, happily thought-provoking if you can stand a little good-natured rambling.

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