A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Music II

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Events, North Dakota, Photography
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A Word A Week Photo Challenge - Music

This is a photo of Tops In Blue during one of their as usual packed performances in Minot, North Dakota. Tops In Blue is a touring ensemble made up of active duty members of the United States Air Force. All of the members take one year off from their regular duty job to volunteer to tour with the company. This cast had a pretty interesting group of performers with “regular duties.” One was a Dental Assistant while another was a “Cryptologic Language Operator.” A couple were “Cyber Systems Operations” personnel. They ranged from a Captain and a several Lieutenants to various flavors of Sergeants and Airmen. It was a fun show although I think some older members of the audience were a bit taken aback by the tribute to Michael Jackson. This is a little piece of Americana (or actually probably a lot bigger piece of Americana than I realize) that I don’t get to see much in Madison, Wisconsin. Fortunately I married a woman from Minot who has given me the opportunity to experience quite a few things I would never otherwise have seen. Another Word A Week Photo Challenge experience.

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