Still remembering Sandy Hook Elementary

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Commentary, Sandy Hook Elementary
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Still remembering Sandy Hook Elementary

I come from a large Catholic family and we are somewhat scattered around the United States although less so than before. One of my brothers and his family live in Newtown, Connecticut. His two boys went to Sandy Hook Elementary. Although they were not directly involved with the horrific events involved in the massacre of the little children and their teachers at the school, Newtown is a small community and everyone there was touched. I don’t know what the solution is to gun violence in America but I do know that if we forget the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre we are much less likely to have a solution. According to the Christian tradition, today begin the time when Christ sacrificed himself and was subsequently resurrected. It is a very holy time that gives seminal hope to Christians around the world. I am optimistic that people of all faiths will remember the children of Newtown and make certain that their sacrifice was not a meaningless end, but rather a triumphant beginning.


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