Great Service by Picture it On Canvas

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Exceptional Service, Inspiration, Photography
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Every once in a while you get exceptional service from a company and when it occurs I think it is important to recognize that service.

Here is what happened. I ordered an aluminum print from Picture it On Canvas a month ago. I got it and it look great (so much so that it is now hanging in an office in our state capitol). I wanted another copy and uploaded what I thought was the same image to the company. They printed it and sent it to me. It looked terrible. I thought it was their mistake and they were willing to print another copy at no charge.  (All I had to do with the original was mark an “X” on it with a permanent marker and send them a photo – no return shipping.) When Picture It On Canvas prepared the second print they called to tell me it looked like it had the same problem. It turned out I had made a mistake by sending a lower resolution image I had prepared for something else, but they are replacing the print that was my mistake at no extra charge.  I want to stress that they didn’t ask me to “tell my friends” or to do anything at all to give them recognition for their top-notch service. This is just something I think we need more of. If we are willing to criticize bad service, we have to reward good service!


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