New state law conceals records of abuse, neglect in nursing homes : Ct

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Commentary, Politics
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I live in the state of Wisconsin, in the United States. The 2010 elections resulted in the Republican Party taking complete control of the state government for the first time in many years (this means that they controlled the governor’s office as well as the two branches of the state legislature). In one of their first actions, they effectively destroyed the collective bargaining rights of state employees resulting in protests that made the national news and at times true over 100,000 people to the state capital to protest. Unfortunately, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Republicans in the state have been pursuing a radical agenda. This article details a state law passed by these radical Republicans that makes it impossible for people who were harmed in a nursing home to use the records of a state investigation of that nursing home in order to bolster their case. What this means is simple: if Granny has been harmed by the actions of a nursing home and a state investigation had previously shown that the type of harm Granny suffered had happened to a number of people at that same nursing home home, those records can nonetheless not be used by Granny if she should bring a lawsuit against the nursing home. The politicians who did this are members of the same party that accused President Obama of creating “death panels” in his healthcare law. It appears to me as though they and their cronies were shouting “death panels” while in they were polishing their guillotines for seniors in the backroom. New state law conceals records of abuse, neglect in nursing homes : Ct.


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